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Biochemistry Tests in Hyperparathyroidism

Whilst the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism is usually initiated by a high blood calcium level; it is very important to confirm absolutely the diagnosis with a range of blood and urine biochemistry tests.

A full screen of biochemistry tests for hyperparathyroidism should include:

  • Serum calcium
  • Serum Parathyroid hormone level
  • Serum Vitamin D
  • 24 hour urinary calcium excretion level

Non parathyroid causes of hypercalcaemia

There are a number of other possible reasons why a serum calcium level can be high and your treating doctor, endocrinologist or surgeon will arrange further tests to clarify and confirm the nature of the problem.

Other possible causes of hypercalcaemia (high blood calcium) include:

  • Drugs – use of lithium or thiazide diuretics are the commonest drug causes
  • Problems related to kidney failure
  • Vitamin D toxicity
  • Rarely some cancers can secrete hormones that raise the PTH and calcium level
  • Long periods of inactivity – e.g. being bed  bound with illness


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